Voted in the TOP 5 Instructors in Farnborough

About Me

At Gavin House Instructor, I offer a range of different driving lesson services in Farnborough and surrounding areas, to help you before, during and after you learn to drive. Below is just a small list of services I offer:

Driving is all about confidence. I build up student's confidence in many different driving situations and pass on all the knowledge they'll need for their future on the road.

  • * I am available for appointments every day of the week except Sundays
  • * I offer traditional driving instruction as well as intensive driving courses
  • * Experienced in teaching people with learning difficulties, I am patient, sensitive and always there to help and comfort

What do I get for my money?

  1. Over 70% first time pass rate for the last 4 years!
  2. A money back guarantee if you're not happy with your lesson. That's worth up to £30!
  3. A 2 year warranty meaning you get 3 hours for free over the next 2 years on what you are taught - useful if you need help when you get your own car! That's worth £90!
  4. A driving test pass guarantee! Worth £69!
  5. A reliability guarantee - you get the next hour free if I fail to turn up to a lesson! Worth up to £30!
  6. Free unlimited access to online theory and hazard perception material! Worth £96!
  7. A free app for your phone so you can do theory and hazard perception on the go!
  8. A friendly, non judgemental teacher.
  9. Techniques to make you a safe driver not just capable of passing the test but of keeping you alive after you pass.
  10. Unlimited access to training material on my website.
  11. £20 if you introduce someone to me and they have at least 10 hours tuition.
  12. Someone so confident in their ability to teach and supply value for money that they can offer all these guarantees to give you peace of mind.


My Statistics

  • 62 People started lessons
  • 62 People passed the test
  • 10 of them with Zero Faults
    Your average student uses 3 driving instructors; mine generally don't leave, but I definitely get them having come from other instructors.

  • 58 were at or above the average pass score, that's 95%.
  • 52 passed at the first attempt.
  • 83% of my students passed first time! Nationally it's 25%.
  • 23 times above national average for Zero Faults!.

Nationally, 1 in 161 driving tests get zero driver faults. I've had 10 this year alone! That's 1 in 6!!! TWENTY THREE times above national average.

More information and services that I offer can be found on the main website.